Author Commit Message Date Builds
Add the tt-proceedings version.
Added the subversion-for-pythoneeers Spork presentation.
Add the Vim-beginnners Spork presentation .
Add the Too-Many-Way spork presentation.
Add the Test-Run spork presentation.
Add the "Optimising Multi-Tasking in PDL" lecture.
Add the sources of the Graham-Function presentation to the build system. This is the first Spork presentation that we are building.
Add the link to XML-Grammar-Fiction.
Update the instructions.
Add items to the TODO.
Add a "link to the XML and plain-text files" to the TODO.
Corrected the title of the psychology section.
Add the software resources pages.
Add the new blog entry.
Bumped the version of the fortunes.
[Fortunes] Merged. Split into sharp-perl and sharp-programming.
Add filter-channels-from-xml.
Add the new fortune cookies to the humour section menu.
[Fortune] Split sharp-programming.
[Fortunes] split shlomif.xml into shlomif.xml and sharp=perl.xml .
Branching into the Fortunes-splitting page
Add another link.
Add the Hebrew translation of "Elephant in Circus" to the essays' nav menu.
Add the Numerical Software page.
Fixed the link.
Add the Hebrew translation of "Elephant in the Circus".
Add GSL.
Add Brain Bashers.
Add GMP.
Started adding the Statistical software.
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