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Add some more.
[Pope] Add more text.
[Pope] Hebrew fixes.
[We-the-Living-Dead] Various fixes.
Changed "Maths" to the commonwealth spelling.
[We-the-Living-Dead] Converted dot-dot-dot to a Unicode ellipsis.
Extracted a variable from every page on XML-Grammar-Fiction.
Add XML-Grammar-Fiction to the navigation menu.
Add the XML-Grammar-Fiction page.
[Pope] Trimmed excessive empty line spacing from the source.
[Pope] linking to more stuff in the front page.
Now copying the Fiction-Text source files to the site.
Add the kate syntax highlighting to the Pope died on Sunday text.
Added a now-generated file to the svn:ignore.
Converted "The Pope Died on Sunday" to Fiction-Text.
Fixed the script.
Add the docbook-to-fiction-xml-text script.
Add another fortune.
[Perfect IT Workplace] Correct an incorrect tense.
[Perfect IT Workplace] Fixed a small typo.
[Star-Trek WTLD] started adding the scene with Katie and Jake at the end.
[Star Trek WTLD] Apostrophes.
[Star Trek WTLD] Removed an extraneous apostrophe.
[Blue-Rabbit] fixed a grammary.
Customised the style of the screenplays better.
Corrected a typo - "suit" instead of "suite".
[P4N5] Changed from CC-PD to CC-Zero.
[Create-a-Personal-Home-Site] Add another photo.
[Create a Great Homesite] Added the cat walk image for atomsphere.
Add an atmosphere image to the page.
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