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Added ClamAV And QClam to the favourite FOSS.

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     - youtube-dl.
     - Qclam.
     - OpenSSH.
+    - ClamAV.
 Long Term:


 for other purposes.
+<h3 id="clamav"><a href="">Clam AntiVirus 
+ClamAV is an open source anti-virus that can help filter out email messages 
+containing viruses that are sent to you. It is regularly updated.
+<h3 id="qclam"><a href="">QClam</a></h3>
+If you're <a href="$(ROOT)/open-source/anti/qmail/">unfortunate enough
+to use qmail</a> for some of your mail accounts, and still wish to filter
+all the viruses that arrivate at your account, then Qclam may be the
+right solution for you. QClam is a program that feeds the message to ClamAV,
+and reports the verdict in a way that dot-qmail files can understand.