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Changed the "vipe" host URL to be, in order
to avoid the constant problems with's availability.

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 upload_vipe_temp: $(VIPE_TARGETS)
 	( cd $(VIPE_DEST) && $(RSYNC) -r * )
+upload_vipe_alt: $(VIPE_TARGETS)
+	( cd $(VIPE_DEST) && $(RSYNC) -r * $${HOMEPAGE_SSH_PATH}/Vipe/ )
 # upload: upload_t2_temp upload_vipe_temp
-upload: upload_t2 upload_vipe
+upload: upload_t2 upload_vipe_alt
 	rm -fr $(T2_DEST)/*
     'vipe' =>
-        'base_url' => "",
+        'base_url' => "",
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