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Changed the .svgz files to .svg so they'll be better served from the server.

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-* Fix the .svgz files that are not served correctly.
 * Fix the fact that the "Private Tutor HTML Ad" goes beyond the right 

File t2/art/better-scm/better-scm-logo.svg

New image

File t2/art/better-scm/better-scm-logo.svgz

Old image

File t2/art/better-scm/index.html.wml

-<a href="better-scm-logo.svgz">The Inkscape SVG source of the logo</a> may
+<a href="better-scm-logo.svg">The Inkscape SVG source of the logo</a> may
 be instructive for further investigation or building upon this effort. Just 
 note that the fonts used there may be have a restrictive license.