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 #include '../template.wml'
-<latemp_subject "XML-Grammar-Fiction - markup languages for writing Prose" />
+<set-var cpan_dist="XML-Grammar-Fiction" /> 
+<latemp_subject "<get-var cpan_dist /> - markup languages for writing Prose" />
-XML-Grammar-Fiction provides <b>Fiction-Text</b> a lightweight plaintext-based 
+<get-var cpan_dist /> provides <b>Fiction-Text</b> a lightweight 
 markup language that can be used to write such fiction as stories, novellas
 or possibly even novels. Fiction-Text is in turn converted to 
 <b>Fiction-XML</b> which is an XML-based grammar (which can be used directly)
-XML-Grammar-Fiction is part of the <a href="../">Web-CPAN XML-Grammar
+<get-var cpan_dist /> is part of the <a href="../">Web-CPAN XML-Grammar
 project</a> that provides several specialised processors for XML grammars
 for various tasks.
 <h2 id="links">Project Links</h2>
-<h3 id="links-xml-grammar-fiction">For XML-Grammar-Fiction</h3>
+<h3 id="links-xml-grammar-fiction">For <get-var cpan_dist /></h3>
-<a href="">XML-Grammar-Fiction
+<a href="<get-var cpan_dist />/"><get-var cpan_dist />
 on</a> - download and more information.
-<a href="">XML-Grammar-Fiction
+<a href="<get-var cpan_dist />"><get-var cpan_dist />
 on kobesearch</a>
 <h2 id="licence">Licence</h2>
-XML-Grammar-Fiction is free and open-source software (FOSS) distributed
+<get-var cpan_dist /> is free and open-source software (FOSS) distributed
 under <a href="">the MIT/X11 
 License</a>, a permissive, public-domain-like licence.
 <h2 id="news">News</h2>
-<h3 id="news-2009-11-05">2009-11-05: XML-Grammar-Fiction version 0.0.1 was 
+<h3 id="news-2009-11-05">2009-11-05: <get-var cpan_dist /> version 0.0.1 was 
-The first version of XML-Grammar-Fiction (v0.0.1) was unleashed onto the
+The first version of <get-var cpan_dist /> (v0.0.1) was unleashed onto the
 world today. It was written for my own personal use as a writer of Hebrew
 stories, but I naturally decided to release it as open-source software.
 As first versions go, this version is rough on the edges, and has hairy
 Happy <a href="">NaNoWriMo (National Novel
-Writing Month)</a> and hopefully XML-Grammar-Fiction will prove of assistance
+Writing Month)</a> and hopefully <get-var cpan_dist /> will prove of assistance
 to you for this NaNoWriMo or future ones.
-<h2 id="coverage">Coverage of File-Find-Object</h2>
+<h2 id="coverage">Coverage of <get-var cpan_dist /></h2>
 <h3 id="coverage-shlomif">Coverage in Shlomi Fish's Blogs</h3>