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+Jennifer is a trendy and popular high school senior who is living and
+studying in the vicinity of Los Angeles. Her best friend, Taylor convinces her
+to attempt to become a developer of open source software. Taylor puts her
+under the tutorship of his other friend, the female open source contributor
+Eve, who prefers to be called “Erisa”, and who is a self-conscious and
+rebelling punk, with whom Jennifer finds it hard to deal. Jennifer remains
+determined to learn how to become an open source developer from Eve, but
+there are several surprises along the road.
+<define-tag old_desc>
 An unlikely female computer <a
 href="">hacker</a> (=
 software enthusiast, not a computer intruder)-wannabe is getting taught by an
 even more unlikely female computer hacker. It takes place in Los Angeles,
 California and is written in English.
 The story (a <a href="">novella</a>)