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Add the HTML Tutorial to the nav menu.

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 any other programming language is required, but it will be helpful.
+<h2 id="html-tutorial"><a href="<rellink url="lecture/HTML-Tutorial/" host="t2" />">HTML Tutorial (for Standards Compliance)</a></h2>
+A Public-Domain HTML Tutorial (currently available only in Hebrew) for
+how to write standard and semantic HTML.
 <h2 id="web-publishing-using-lamp"><a href="<rellink url="lecture/LAMP/" host="t2" />">Web Publishing
 Using LAMP</a></h2>

File lib/Shlomif/Homepage/SectionMenu/Sects/Lectures.pm

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             title => "Perl for Perl Newbies - Introducing Perl for Beginners",
+            text => "HTML Tutorial",
+            url => "lecture/HTML-Tutorial/",
+            title => "The Hebrew Tutorial for Standard HTML",
+        },
+        {
             text => "Web Publishing with LAMP",
             url => "lecture/LAMP/",
             title => "Web Publishing using Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl/PHP/Python",