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Got rid of generating the sitemap.
Renamed variables away from $a and $b.
Get rid of leading ampersands.
Updated to the new from=rss semantics.
Add the "IDEs for Linux" page.
Add the Larry Wall quote from postmodern language.
Add Rob Pike's quote about one-tool-doing-one-thing-well.
Add the "Don't Send me Perl" quote.
Convert the addtoany image to a local one to avoid the site being down.
Revamped the favourite FOSS a little.
Add a removal tag.
Started writing the first supplemental of the FOSS Licences Wars.
Correct a typo.
Replace with addtoany.
Add the two extra sponsored ads.
Update the sources information.
Add the Version Control Repository of libtap.
Add the Camila Ron sponsored ads.
Add the due to removal notice.
Add the extra hardware.
Add tmux and htop.
Correct a link to the Seminars Management project.
Removed leading ./ from local links.
Fix a broken link to the IP-Noise project.
Add Genius.
Guide to Israeli FOSS resources - add / change some links.
Update a link to the new one.
Add a link.
Add an end designator.
Add the calculator section.
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