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Merge from the trunk HEAD. Now it's up-to-date.
Branching a test-conversion-to-client-side-xslt branch
Made some corrections to the Hebrew "Buy the Fish" page.
Add the Buy the Fish song in Hebrew.
Correct open calls in the Perl code. Correct some open calls in the Perl code.
Add more TODO books to write.
Convert "qp" to "quadp" in the makefiles.
Add a fallback to fetch the feed from the hard-disk.
Add the new entry.
Add the #perl fortune about "it's slower".
Fixed a typo.
Correct the wrong tag.
Add Greasemonkey to the section navigation menu. In the process fixed the main navigation menu to properly put the bits and bobs page under projects.
Add missing id="" attributes.
Fix some typos.
Add a link to the COBOL page from the bits section.
Add latemp_more_keywords.
Add more keywords.
Correct some grammar.
Add the Joel and LeAnn Rimes photos.
Add the Paul Graham photo.
Add the Larry Wall photo.
Add more latemp_more_keywords.
Add more keywords.
Add the CC-licence to the Portability libs page.
Fixed a bug in the makefile. It was .html.wml instead of .html.
Correct many things in the Perfect-IT-Workplace.
Correct to commonwealth English.
Add more keywords to the portability page.
Add the script.
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