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Add the link to the Google Tech talk.
Add the anti-JavaScript page.
Fix some broken punctuation.
Add more to the TODO.
Add a link to the TODO.
Humour->COBOL: add the picture of the atronaut.
Removed a comma per request.
Add the sponsored_ad.
Add a Larry Wall quote about the loaded Uzi.
Add to the TODO .
Add the "Don't abuse JS" page to the TODO.
Add the South Korea H Open Link on No-IE.
Add more links to the anti-Apple page.
Add more links to the anti-Apple page.
Add more links to no-ie.
Add a new Slashdot comment.
Got rid of the leading "./" prefix.
Add some more keywords to the page.
Correct a fortune.
Removed a "./" from the URL.
Add more anti-Apple links.
Add COBOL to the navigation menu.
Add a missing ")".
Add the COBOL New Age Programming Language bit.
Correct a typo.
Add more keywords.
Add the <latemp_more_keywords tag to the fortunes page.
Correct some typos.
Got more of the Perl-for-Newbies to validate.
Modernised the Perl.
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