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 <s id="selena-meets-mosheh-and-aharon" title="Selena meets Mosheh and Aharon">
+<s id="the-essence-of-being-a-dispeller" title="The Essence of Being a Dispeller">
 [ Selena is walking in a nice park. ]
 [ Selena's internal dialogue: Matthew and I got accepted into different
 Selena: thank you. [Weeps into the handerkerchief.]
 Mosheh: and don't worry, Selena, some of our most admired and toughest male
-warrior vampires, had cried in lesser conditions than yours.
+warrior vampires, had cried in less aggravating conditions than yours. We
+are all humans.
 Selena: [cries some more] OK, I'm the Dispeller, now what do we do?
 Selena: yes, yes, OK, which life are we talking about?
+<s id="kate-tells-her-story" title="Kate tells her story">
 Kate: my first. Well, I was actually born Kate Hampshire, a young Anglican
 baby born to English parents on French soil. I grew up among French children,
 who welcomed me as their own, but when my parents and I returned back to
 age), promising guard at the des Essarts' company of guards, who was a big
 fan of me and my stories about what happened in the bible, and he asked me,
+dArtagnan: Milady, what's the matter?