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Add Nadav HarEl’s fortune about the shareware.

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       date: 2008-07-04T09:17:01Z
       date: 2008-07-04T09:17:01Z
+    the-old-shareware-and-the-android-apps:
+      date: 2013-12-23T17:27:22Z
       date: 2008-07-04T09:17:01Z


+    <fortune id="the-old-shareware-and-the-android-apps">
+      <meta>
+          <title>The Old Shareware and the Android Applications</title>
+      </meta>
+      <quote>
+          <body>
+              <p>
+                  But what did not succeed was to make the customers
+                  <b>request</b> free [as-in-speech] software when they
+                  (and not the creator of the operating system or the device)
+                  choose a program themselves. For instance, only a small
+                  part of the Android applications today are free software,
+                  and the customers are “content” with a gratis and non-free
+                  software program.
+              </p>
+              <p>
+                  I think the reason for this is prosaic — the belief that
+                  one can make money easily from non-free software on Android.
+                  That if you will only write an application and turn on the
+                  bit of “show ads”, then suddenly you will make millions (or
+                  at least thousands…) from advertising. What happens
+                  eventually is that there are 17 “headlight” (for example)
+                  applications in the app stor, all showing ads, and each
+                  one is used by 17 people and the developer earns a few
+                  cents in the good case. This is instead of one headlight
+                  application, as free software, which is better than all
+                  of them (see for
+                  instance). But everyone except the users — Google and
+                  the authors of the software — have an interest to push
+                  the non-free program to the user.
+              </p>
+              <p>
+                  In the early 1990s there was a similar phenomenon in the
+                  PC world - the “shareware”. Then it involved a program
+                  that you could get (without the source code!) free-of-charge,
+                  but if you wanted to use it beyond a given time (for
+                  example a week), or enable features that were limited in the
+                  gratis version, you were supposed to pay for it. As far
+                  as I know, the whole system was a complete failure — most
+                  of the developers did not earn substantial amounts of
+                  money, and most of the users ignored the limited features, or
+                  cracked them. Nevertheless, during almost two decades,
+                  thousands of programmers wasted their time to write such
+                  non-free software. Most of the gratis software for the PC
+                  back then was shareware - not open source. Today, nothing
+                  has remained from all this work. However, a large part of
+                  the free software that has been written back then, is still
+                  in use today.
+              </p>
+              <p>
+                  If only there was a way to explain to the authors
+                  of the mobile applications that no, most of them will not
+                  get rich from the applications, like most of the authors
+                  of shareware did not, and it’s just better to write free
+                  software…
+              </p>
+          </body>
+          <info>
+              <author>Nadav Har’El</author>
+              <work href="">Haifux Post - “No! No! Don't compile your kernel!”</work>
+          </info>
+      </quote>
+    </fortune>


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