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-You can also read many <a href="humour/bits/">shorter bits</a>, including
-some <a href="$(ROOT)/humour/bits/facts/">factoids about people
-and things (Chuck Norris/etc.), have a
+You can also read many <a href="$(ROOT)/humour/bits/">shorter bits</a>,
+some <a href="$(ROOT)/humour/bits/facts/">factoids</a> about people
+and things (Chuck Norris/etc.), a
 <a href="$(ROOT)/humour.html">collection of original aphorisms
-and quotes</a> and maintain
-<a href="humour/fortunes/">a large collection of fortune cookies</a> by
+and quotes</a> and
+<a href="$(ROOT)/humour/fortunes/">a large collection of fortune cookies</a> by
 myself and others.