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Added another news item about recent developments.

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+<h3 class="newsitem">26-Jun-2005</h3>
+<p class="newsitem">
+Several new additions were added to the site. The <a href="$(ROOT)/art/">art
+section</a> now contains two new pieces. I also added 
+<a href="$(ROOT)/open-source/bits.html#old_pmwiki_revert">a new script</a>
+to the "Open Source Bits and Bobs section". Several new programs were
+added to <a href="$(ROOT)/open-source/favourite/index.html.wml">my favourite
+free software</a>. Some new languages were added to
+<a href="$(ROOT)/humour/ways_to_do_it.html.wml">the "Ways to do it" according
+to the programming languages of the World</a> page. 
+<p class="newsitem">
+Some of my newer projects are now mentioned in my resume&eacute;s. I added
+a link to <a href="$(ROOT)/lecture/LAMP/slides/">presentation about Web 
+Publishing using LAMP</a>. Finally, 
+<a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/obj-oss/">the Objectivism and Open Source</a>
+essay was expanded with two new chapters.
 <h3 class="newsitem">22-May-2005</h3>
 <p class="newsitem">