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r4017@telaviv1: shlomi | 2007-05-21 00:07:18 +0300
Got the build-system to work better.

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 SCREENPLAY_DOCBOOKS = $(patsubst %,lib/docbook/xml/%.xml,$(SCREENPLAY_DOCS))
 SCREENPLAY_XMLS = $(patsubst %,lib/screenplay-xml/xml/%.xml,$(SCREENPLAY_DOCS))
 SCREENPLAY_HTMLS = $(patsubst %,lib/screenplay-xml/html/%.html,$(SCREENPLAY_DOCS))
-SCREENPLAY_DOCBOOK_HTMLS = $(patsubst %,lib/docbook/essays/%/all-in-one.html,$(SCREENPLAY_DOCS))
+# SCREENPLAY_DOCBOOK_HTMLS = $(patsubst %,lib/docbook/essays/%/all-in-one.html,$(SCREENPLAY_DOCS))
+SCREENPLAY_RENDERED_HTMLS = $(patsubst %,lib/screenplay-xml/rendered-html/%.html,$(SCREENPLAY_DOCS))
 lib/docbook/xml/%.xml: lib/screenplay-xml/xml/%.xml
 	perl -MXML::Grammar::Screenplay::App::ToDocBook -e 'run()' -- \
 	perl -MXML::Grammar::Screenplay::App::ToHTML -e 'run()' -- \
 	-o $@ $<
+lib/screenplay-xml/rendered-html/%.html: lib/screenplay-xml/html/%.html
+	./bin/ -o $@ $<
 $(SCREENPLAY_XMLS):: lib/screenplay-xml/xml/%.xml: lib/screenplay-xml/txt/%.txt
 	perl -MXML::Grammar::Screenplay::App::FromProto -e 'run()' -- \
 	-o $@ $<
 ST_WTLD_TEXT_IN_TREE = $(T2_DEST)/humour/Star-Trek/We-the-Living-Dead/star-trek--we-the-living-dead.txt
 lib/docbook/rendered/%.html: lib/docbook/essays/%/all-in-one.html
 	./bin/ -o $@ $<


+use strict;
+use warnings;
+use Getopt::Long;
+use IO::All;
+my $out_fn;
+    "output|o=s" => \$out_fn,
+# Input the filename
+my $filename = shift(@ARGV)
+    or die "Give me a filename as a command argument: myscript FILENAME";
+my $text = scalar(io()->file($filename)->slurp());
+$text =~ s{<(/?h)(\d+)}{"<".$1.($2+1)}ge;
+$text =~ s{\A.*?(<div class="screenplay")}{$1}ms;
+substr($text, rindex($text, "</div>")) = "</div>";


-<s id="top" title="Star Trek - We the Living Dead'>
+<s id="top" title="Star Trek - We the Living Dead">
 [Note: This is not a real Star Trek Deep Space Nine Episode but one invented
 by <a href="">Shlomi Fish</a>.]


 #include '../template.wml'
 <latemp_subject "Star Trek: &quot;We, the Living Dead&quot; - Ongoing Text" />
-#include "docbook/rendered/star-trek--we-the-living-dead.html"
+#include "screenplay-xml/rendered-html/star-trek--we-the-living-dead.html"
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