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Add a paragraph of contact info.

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File lib/rest-of-template.wml

 in general.
+<p class="sep">
+It is easy to reach Shlomi using a large number of
+<a href="$(ROOT)/me/contact-me/">online means</a>, including
+<a href="mailto:<get-var email />">E-mail</a>, and he would be happy to hear
+any comments or suggestions (both positive and negative) from you.
 <shlomif_sponsored_ad_text />

File lib/sass/common-style.sass

 /* Style for the google search box
+$navbar_margin: 0.5em
-    padding: 0.5em
     border: 1.5pt solid #207020
     margin-bottom: 0.5cm
     margin-left: auto
         margin-left: auto
         margin-right: auto
         text-align: center
+    p
+        margin: $navbar_margin
     margin-top: 1em
+    img
+        margin-top: $navbar_margin
+    p.sep
+        border-top: 1.5pt solid #207020
+        margin: 0
+        padding: $navbar_margin
     direction: rtl
     text-align: right