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+<div class="search">
+<h2>External resources</h2>
+<ul class="navbarmain">
+<a href="http://shlomif.wikiplanet.com/" title="Wiki for discussing 
+these pages or collaboration">Wiki</a>
+<a href="$(ROOT)/me/blogs/" title="Weblogs (or Blogs) or other streams
+of resources which I update and can be commented on">My Blogs</a>
 <google_search />
 <div class="search">
 <a href="<rellink host="t2" url="meta/how-to-help/" />">Like this site? Please Help</a>
 <affil_collection_shlomif />
 <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/shlomif_hsite/data/rss" class="bless"><img