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 +++: we led a happy marriage, but it was terminated shortly by the
 Lord, my husband, becoming sick, and then dying. It wasn't my fault, but I was
 devastated from it, and after recovering, told the Lord’s younger brother,
-the now honourble Lord George Canterson, that I was going to relocate to Paris,
+the now honourable Lord George Canterson, that I was going to relocate to Paris,
 France, for a change of scenery. He agreed.
 +++: As a result, I, as Milady Canterson arrived at Paris to try my luck in
 [Showing the couch]
-d’Artagnan: Milady, what's the matter? [ TODO , translate to French ]
+d’Artagnan: Milady, que se passe-t-il? [ = “Milady, what's the matter?” ]
-Milady Kate: nothing [crying].
+Milady Kate: Rien [ = “nothing”. She is crying.].
-d’Artagnan: something is obviously the matter. Why are you crying?
+d’Artagnan: Il y a évidemment quelque chose qui ne va pas. Pourquoi
+pleurez-vous? [ = “something is obviously the matter. Why are you crying?”]
-Milady Kate: OK. The other women think I killed my husband because I'm now
-no longer grieving and seems happy.
+Milady Kate: D’accord. Comme je ne porte plus le deuil et que je
+semble heureuse, les autres femmes croient que j'ai tué mon mari.
+[ = “OK. The other women think I killed my husband because I'm now
+no longer grieving and seems happy.”]
-d’Artagnan: nonsense. You can be sad and happy at the same time, for
-two different things.
+d'Artagnan: Sottises! On peut à la fois être triste et heureux pour
+des raisons différentes. [ = “nonsense. You can be sad and happy at the same
+time, for two different things.” ]
-Milady Kate: yes. yes.
+Milady Kate: Oui, oui. [ = “yes. yes.”]
-d’Artagnan: let me tell you this [takes her hands]. It's OK to receive insults,
+d'Artagnan: Laissez-moi vous dire ceci [takes her hands].  Je
+comprends que vous soyez offensée, mais sachez que ces personnes ne
+vous veulent que du tort et vous ne devriez pas laisser les paroles
+grossières ou méprisantes vous affecter. Vous valez mieux que ça.
+[= “let me tell you this . It’s OK to receive insults,
 it's OK to be offended, but you need to know that ultimately the other person
 is just does not mean well, and that you should not get them
-to hurt you. You're better than that.
+to hurt you. You're better than that.]
-Milady Kate: M. d’Artagnan, you are quite wise for your age.
+Milady Kate: M. d’Artagnan, vous êtes très sage pour votre âge.
+[= “M. d’Artagnan, you are quite wise for your age.”]
-d’Artagnan: thank you, Milady. I will not let it go to my head.
+d’Artagnan: Merci, Milady. Je tâcherai que ça ne me monte pas à la
+tête. [= “thank you, Milady. I will not let it go to my head.”]
 [They both smile.]
 Kate’s voice: d’Artagnan and I became good friends: I taught him English
-and the Bible, and he told me of some of the things he learned as a minor
+and the Bible, and he told me of some of the things he learned as a
 noble, and what happened at the Guards. We ended up falling in love and having
 an affair, and while we did not go public about it, we did not really hide
 it and pretty soon everyone knew, and many single people and couples were
 future, and thought we would have to part soon.
 +++: nothing prepared me for the time when my maid woke me up in the middle
-of the night and informed that there were two of the King’s Musketeers at the
-door. I wondered why. The Muskateers told me the king asked to see, so I wore
-a plain dress, and 
+of the night and informed me that there were two of the King’s Musketeers at
+the door. I wondered why. The Musketeers told me the king asked to see me, so
+I wore a plain dress, and the Musketeers took me in a carriage to the palace.
+They escorted me to a room where I saw the King sitting at an armchair,
+as well as D’Artagnan and his friend and mentor Athos standing at a corner.
+[Showing the scene at the Palace.]
+Louis XIII: [in English with a French accent] hello, Milady. You know M.
+d’Artagnan and M. Athos.
+Milady Kate: [a little worried] I do, nice to meet you again.
+Louis XIII: please meet his eminence.
+[Cardinal Richelieu turns to face them.]
+Milady Kate: his eminence! Oh no, oh no… if it’s about my relationship with
+M. d’Artagnan, then - it was all my fault - I can return to England.
+Cardinal Richelieu: Milady Canterson, we have known about your affair with
+d’Artagnan for a long time, and do not disapprove of it, but that’s not why
+you are here. In fact, we brought you here, in order to slay Lord Buckingham,
+so he won’t interfere with our planned attack of La Rochelle.
+Milady Kate: kill him?
+Cardinal Richelieu: I said slay - not kill. There is a difference as you
+shall see.
++++: we have failed at convincing Lord Buckingham that he should refrain from
+attacking us, which will cause many innocent lives to be killed and so we
+have to result to take him out of the equation.
+Louis XIII: here’s the deal: you will carry these three letters signed by his
+eminence, by the King of England and by me, that will instruct whoever reads
+them to do everything within reason to assist you in your mission. M. Athos
+and M. d’Artagnan will escort you and they will protect you with your lives
+if necessary.
+Louis XIII: The plan is: go to your house and take the belongings you
+care about; take a fast carriage to Calais and cross the channel; once in
+England, find some people you know to help you find a body similar to Lord
+Buckingham, find someone who will take the blame for it (your King will make
+sure nothing bad happens to him), slay Lord Buckingham, and take a carriage
+with him to Plymouth where you will board a ship to America, and both start
+a new life. Is that clear?
+Milady Kate: yes, your majesty.
+[Milady Kate, Athos and d’Artagnan leave.]
+Kate’s voice: so we did it all, despite some minor setbacks, in
+part due to me bitching about the entire situation. We contacted Lord
+Canterson, who volunteered one of his trusted soldiers for the job.
+And travelled to Portsmouth where Lord Buckingham was about to leave.
+[Showing the cabin of Lord Buckingham. He is standing there. Adam enters with
+a gun and points it at Lord Buckingham.]
+Adam: Hello, melord! I can kill you now, but I won't.
+Lord Buckingham: I believe you. What is it that you want.
+[Milady Kate enters, followed by Athos, d’Artagnan and Lord Canterson who
+are carrying a body.]
+Milady Kate: greetings melord - we shall travel together to Plymouth, in order
+to catch a ship to the New World, where we will be a couple at least until
+our arrival. Consider yourself slain and reborn.
+[Turns to face d’Artagnan]
+Milady Kate: I guess we part now.
+d’Artagnan: yes.
+Milady Kate: I loved you.
+d’Artagnan: I did too.
+[They hug.]
+Milady Kate: [to Lord Buckingam] shall we? [She puts her hand in his.]
+Kate’s voice: we boarded the ship and started a new life at what became the
+United States of America. I kept touch with Mr. George Smith, as he was now
+called for a while until he no longer needed me, and became indoctrinated as
+a vampire, for whom the fact that I once slayed the 1st Duke of Buckingham
+was merely an anecdote.
++++: but this changed shortly after the publication of
+<i>The Three Musketeers</i> in the 1840s. Having dismissed Alexandre Dumas
+as a second-rate writer of popular books, I was surprised that many people
+approached me in my new life as Mrs. Kate Black requesting that I shall slay
+them. Eventually I found out about the novel, sent a letter to M. Dumas that
+I was coming to visit him, and travelled by ship to France to meet him at
+his home in Paris. This is what happened.
+[Cut to Alexandre Dumas’s Home]
+Dumas: Good morning Madame Black, I have heard so much about you,
+but don’t know why you would like to meet me.
+Kate: M. Dumas… I am going to kill you. Physically! For what you have done to
+Dumas: but, Madame, why?
+Kate: how shall I put it? For your information, I was
+was Lady Kate Canterson and…
+Dumas: [interrupts her] oh, non! C’est un impossible. You are the… Real
+Milady de-Winter.
++++: oh, this is a great honour. Where are my manners? Milady, do you want
+some cake, some biscuits, some tea? I have excellent wine too. Please sit down
+[Kate reluctantly sits down. Dumas is busy doing arrangement for taking care
+of his guest.]
+Dumas: please, tell me all about it.
+[Later on this evening.]
+Kate: [drunk] M. Dumas, you treated me really well today, but now what do
+we do… about… about… about the people who ask me to slay them.
+M. Dumas: [not drunk] Madame, just tell him that you no longer will slay.
+That you quit being a slayer, and they should deal with their troubled
+life themselves.
+Kate: Mr. Dumas, sounds like a good idea. You are a very wise man for your
+age. [She falls asleep.]
+[Cut to the morning. Kate is sleeping on a bed in Alexandre Dumas’s house.
+birds are twittering outside and everything is pastoral.]
+Kate: [wakes up] hmm.... [hangover] ow, ow, oh! [She rises up and washes her
+[Cut to a different room in Dumas’s house, he is sitting there drinking tea.]
+Alexandre Dumas: bonjour, Madame Black. I see you slept well.
+Kate: I did, thank you.
+Alexandre Dumas: I enjoyed hearing your story last night.
+Kate: and I was happy to tell it. [She pours some water and drinks it.]
+Thanks for the hospitality. And for the useful piece of advice which I
+now recall.
+Alexandre Dumas: you are welcome, Madame.
+<s id="from-slayer-to-dispeller" title="From Slayer to Dispeler">
+[Cut to the bench with Selena, Kate, Mosheh and Aharon.]
+Kate: well, I quit slaying, but still maintained the status of being
+The Slayer in the real world. While neither France nor England wanted to
+consider Milady de-Winter as their own, they both wanted to claim me.
+[Cut to Selena: she has tears of excitement.]
+Selena: beautiful story.
+Kate: yes, well, that was how The Slayer came to be, but now we started a
+new age where dispelling is preferred. So I pass the baton for you and finally
+have some peace.
+[Selena hugs Kate and bursts into tears.]
+Mosheh: vampirellas are cute - are they not.
+Aharon: and they make the best slayers - and apparently dispelers too.
+[After a while]
+Selena: I’m OK, I’m OK.