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 find dest/t2-homepage/ -name '*.html' -or -name '*.xhtml' |
     ( LC_ALL=C sort  ) |
-    perl -lne 'print if 1..m#humour/index#'|
+    perl -lne 'print if 1..m#humour/recommendations/index#'|
     grep -vP 'guide2ee/undergrad' |
     grep -vP '(?:humour/TheEnemy/(?:The-Enemy-(?:English-)?rev|TheEnemy))' |
     grep -vP '(?:humour/by-others/(?:English-is-a-Crazy-Language|darien|hitchhiker|how-many-newsgroup-readers|oded-c|s-stands-for-simple|technion-bit-1|top-12-things-likely|was-the-death-star-attack|grad-student-jokes-from-jnoakes))' |

File lib/hunspell/whitelist1.txt


File t2/humour/recommendations/films/shlomi-fish-films-recommendations.xml

     Spaceballs is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Essentially a
     parody of Star Wars and other Science-Fiction films, this films features
-    Druish Princesses, merceneries who “don’t do it for money”, but rather
+    Druish Princesses, mercenaries who “don’t do it for money”, but rather
     for “a shitload of money”, and an old small alien guru who claims that you
     should “never underestimate the power of the Schwartz”.
                             Michael J. Fox plays Marty McFly, a hip kid
                             who is friends with Dr. Emmett Brown (the excellent
-                            Christopher Lloyd), a Mad Scienties who invents
+                            Christopher Lloyd), a Mad Scientist who invents
                             a time machine that causes a mess-up in Marty’s
                             past, future, and present, and a wacky
                             attempt to restore it.
                         <rellink href=""
                             text="IMDB" />
                         <rellink href=""
-                            text="Wikipeida" />
+                            text="Wikipedia" />
                     <prod id="empire-strikes-back">
                         <title>Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back</title>
                         <rellink href=""
                             text="IMDB" />
                         <rellink href=""
-                            text="Wikipeida" />
+                            text="Wikipedia" />
                     <prod id="return-of-the-jedi">
                         <title>Star Wars VI: The Return of the Jedi</title>
                     <title>The Neverending Story</title>
-                    <creator type="director">Wolfgang Peterson</creator>
+                    <creator type="director">Wolfgang Petersen</creator>
                     <rellink href=""
                         text="IMDB" />
                     <rellink href=""
                             Sharon Stone plays a gun-woman, who is
                             trying to avenge the death of her father by
                             challenging the responsible villain (Gene
-                            Heckman), who is hosting an elimination
+                            Hackman), who is hosting an elimination
                             tournament in a town he rules in the wild west.