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                     url => "philosophy/philosophy/closed-books-are-so-19th-century/",
                     title => "Why authors of books should make sure they are publicly available online.",
+                {
+                    text => "Putting all the Cards on the Table (2013)",
+                    url => "philosophy/philosophy/putting-all-cards-on-the-table-2013/",
+                    title => "Stopping to speak in riddles and be brutally honest, open, and sincere",
+                }

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 online free-of-charge.
+<h3><a href="putting-all-cards-on-the-table-2013/">Putting all the Cards on the Table (2013)</a></h3>
+What is the problem with
+<a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/computers/education/opinion-on-the-technion/">the
+Technion</a> and why is it graver in M.I.T., and
+why you should watch the film
+<a href=""><i>Silver
+Linings Playbook</i></a> to realise why it's
+not a problem? Why was the David who fought Goliath a hacker, and what is the
+difference between a tragic hero and an action hero? What was the second major
+battle that Chuck Norris lost? What are the machines that can give us
+questions (and lots of them)? Why not exerting a mental effort will make
+matters go from bad to worse? Who was the Jennifer Lawrence of
+<a href="">Web 1.0</a>? And
+what were my two greatest mistakes, which you should not duplicate?
+I got tired of truly intellectual people like me speaking in riddles
+all the time and kinda lying to themselves and to others in their artworks,
+and hiding a lot of what they know, so I decided to put all the cards I have
+now on the table in a big tour-de-force. It's not finished yet, but still
+usable, and there's more to come. Not a perfect essay, and not for everyone,
+but imperfect and sweet.