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 <h3 id="selina">Selina Mandrake: <a href="">Emma Watson</a></h3>
-<a href=""><img src="images/Emma_Watson_GoF_Premiere-reduced.jpg" alt="photo of Emma Watson" /></a>
+<a href=""><img src="images/Emma_Watson_GoF_Premiere-reduced.jpg" alt="Photo of Emma Watson" /></a>
 Well, Selina has to be an Englishwoman, right? Otherwise, I feel that
 <h3 id="the-guide">The Guide: <a href="">Wil Wheaton</a></h3>
+<a href=""><img
+src="images/wil_wheaton-reduced.jpg" alt="Photo of Wil Wheaton" /></a>
 The Guide should be an American, a geek, and someone we love to hate (because
 he brings Selina so much trouble, and is the story’s main antagonist). He also

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