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 ICQ - #207733823; AIM - ShlomiFish<br />
+I am a professional software developer, specialising in writing
+algorithmic code, text and XML processing, web publishing, and
+game-related code. I am a hobbyist (but not amateuristic) writer
+of essays, technical articles, fiction, and humour.
+As an employee, I appreciate employers who are clueful,
+communicative, and yet know better than to interfere too much with
+how I and the other employees perform the actual development,
+as long as we deliver.
+As a software developer, I have read a lot of online and offline
+literature about <b>software design</b> methodology
+and <b>software management</b>, and try to form my
+own coherent best practices based on all that. As a programmer, I try
+to tread on the fine line between modularity (DRY) and making sure
+the code is not overly clever and hard to read (KISS).
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