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 find dest/t2-homepage/ -name '*.html' -or -name '*.xhtml' |
     ( LC_ALL=C sort  ) |
-    perl -lne 'print if 1..m#lecture/mini/mdda/slides/intro#'|
+    perl -lne 'print if 1..m#dest/t2-homepage/links\.html#'|
     grep -vP 'guide2ee/undergrad' |
     grep -vP '(?:humour/TheEnemy/(?:The-Enemy-(?:English-)?rev|TheEnemy))' |
     grep -vP '(?:humour/by-others/(?:English-is-a-Crazy-Language|darien|hitchhiker|how-many-newsgroup-readers|oded-c|s-stands-for-simple|technion-bit-1|top-12-things-likely|was-the-death-star-attack|grad-student-jokes-from-jnoakes))' |

File lib/hunspell/whitelist1.txt


File t2/links.html.wml

-<a href="">The Perl Beginners’s Site</a> - a site
+<a href="">The Perl Beginners’ Site</a> - a site
 I maintain with recommended resources for Perl Beginners.
 <li><a href="">PC Load Letter: Two Guys,
 One Mic</a> - an audiocast by Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick (of
 <a href="">Subversion fame</a>) where they
-discuss various open-source isssues. It has a very cool opening music.
+discuss various open-source issues. It has a very cool opening music.
 <a href="">The Lamas’ Millionaire
 Quiz (with English sub-titles)</a> - The Lamas (Dutch for “Llamas”) is the
-Dutch version of “Whose Line is it Anyways?”. I don’t speak Dutch,
+Dutch version of “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. I don’t speak Dutch,
 but it’s very funny. (Thanks to <a href="">Dazjorz</a>.)