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-VER = 0.6.55
+VER = 0.6.57
 DIST_BASE = fortunes-shlomif
 test: $(DATS)
 	@fortune -e $(FILES)
-dist: $(PACKAGE_BASE) html
+dist: $(PACKAGE_BASE)
 html: $(INDEX_FILE)


 	Joel Spolsky, "Biculturalism"
+Brett also snuck in a feature he's been itching for: lots and lots and lots of
+keyboard shortcuts. There's only one keyboard shortcut you have to memorize,
+though: Ctrl+; switches FogBugz into keyboard mode and little letters light up
+reminding you what the shortcuts are for various commands around the screen.
+It's really pretty cool to be able to work through a bunch of cases, assigning,
+editing, and reprioritizing, without ever reaching for the mouse. Combined with
+the speed and responsiveness from Ajax, FogBugz has almost reached the level of
+speed and fluidity of my dry cleaner's DOS 2.0 character mode database
+application. And that's pretty darn responsive for a web app.
+    Joel Spolsky, "FogBugz 4+1/2 and Subjective Well-Being"


     Paul Graham - "How to Be Silicon Valley"
+One of the most dangerous illusions you get from school is the idea that doing
+great things requires a lot of discipline. Most subjects are taught in such a
+boring way that it's only by discipline that you can flog yourself through
+them. So I was surprised when, early in college, I read a quote by Wittgenstein
+saying that he had no self-discipline and had never been able to deny himself
+anything, not even a cup of coffee.
+    Now I know a number of people who do great work, and it's the same with 
+all of them. They have little discipline. They're all terrible procrastinators
+and find it almost impossible to make themselves do anything they're not
+interested in. One still hasn't sent out his half of the thank-you notes from
+his wedding, four years ago. Another has 26,000 emails in her inbox.
+    I'm not saying you can get away with zero self-discipline. You probably need
+about the amount you need to go running. I'm often reluctant to go running, but
+once I do, I enjoy it. And if I don't run for several days, I feel ill. It's
+the same with people who do great things. They know they'll feel bad if they
+don't work, and they have enough discipline to get themselves to their desks to
+start working. But once they get started, interest takes over, and discipline
+is no longer necessary.
+    Paul Graham -
+Your teachers are always telling you to behave like adults. I wonder if they'd
+like it if you did. You may be loud and disorganized, but you're very docile
+compared to adults. If you actually started acting like adults, it would be
+just as if a bunch of adults had been transposed into your bodies. Imagine the
+reaction of an FBI agent or taxi driver or reporter to being told they had to
+ask permission to go the bathroom, and only one person could go at a time. To
+say nothing of the things you're taught. If a bunch of actual adults suddenly
+found themselves trapped in high school, the first thing they'd do is form a
+union and renegotiate all the rules with the administration.
+    Paul Graham
+    "What You'll Wish You'd Known" (Advice for High School Kids)


    <rindolf>  spyro_boy: but see the Great Computer Language Shootout.
  <spyro_boy>  rindolf, I tried learning C,C++, and Java, but I couldn't
               catch on.
+     <rindolf>  wankit
+      <buubot>  Perl 6, unlike most people, is able to breathe in the
+                vacuum of space. In fact, anything else would damage its
+                respiratory system. Because of this, whenever it's
+                visiting Earth, it wears a respirator, which resembles a
+                kickass beard.
+     <rindolf>  Heh heh.
+     <rindolf>  Are all of buubot's wankit factoids about Perl 6?
+     <rindolf>  He should have some about Chuck Norris, too.
+      <merlyn>  fictional factoids about a partially designed, partially
+                implemented, partially wanted language. :)
+     <rindolf>  merlyn: yeah.
+      <merlyn>  Heh - those are all Chuck Norris quotes with s/Chuck/P6/
+ <dabreegster>  rindolf: It's written in Chuck Norris, right
+      <merlyn>  Chuck Norris writes code in Perl 6. Before Larry's done.
+                And it works.
+     <rindolf>  merlyn: Chuck Norris wrote Perl 6 in a day but then
+                destroyed all evidence with his bare hands, so no one
+                will know his secrets.
+    FreeNode's #perl6.


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