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Fixed a typo and did some utf8'ification of the input and output streams
in Perl.

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File lib/Shlomif/Homepage/

 use strict;
 use warnings;
+use utf8;
 use base 'HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Object';
 use base 'Class::Accessor';
 <p class="newsitem">
-Some of my newer projects are now mentioned in my resume&eacute;s. I added
+Some of my newer projects are now mentioned in my resumés. I added
 a link to <a href="./lecture/LAMP/slides/">a presentation about Web 
 Publishing using LAMP</a>. Finally, 
 <a href="./philosophy/obj-oss/">the Objectivism and Open Source</a>
     my $text = do {
         local $/;
         open my $file, "<", $self->dir()."/".$filename;
+        binmode $file, ":utf8";
     $text =~ s!<p>!<p class="newsitem">!g;

File t2/index.html.wml

 use Shlomif::Homepage::News;
+binmode STDOUT, ":utf8";
 my $news = Shlomif::Homepage::News->new();
 print $news->render_front_page();