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     <rindolf>  An Elisabeth for all! And all for an Elisabeth.
         Freenode's #perl
+     <Alexi5>   what is a good book for getting up to speed with  perl?
+     <merlyn>   learning perl!
+     <merlyn>   intermediate perl!
+    <nachos_>   the camel is the _only book_
+    <nachos_>   :-P
+            *   merlyn bats nachos silly
+    <nachos_>   :-(
+    <rindolf>   Alexi5: there's also Beginning Perl, which is available 
+                online.
+            *   f00li5h saw that coming
+    <rindolf>   You should learn Perl from "Learning Perl in 24 minutes 
+                Unleashed!"
+    <f00li5h>   rindolf: ``Learning perl in 24 minutes Unleashed, in a 
+                nutshell for dummies'' is the one i have
+    <rindolf>   f00li5h: that's even better.
+    FreeNode's #perl