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Convert tidy to tidyp.

It is more modern and maintained.

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-FORTUNES_TIDY = tidy -asxhtml -utf8 -quiet
+FORTUNES_TIDY = tidyp -asxhtml -utf8 -quiet
 $(FORTUNES_XHTMLS__COMPRESSED): %.compressed.xhtml: %.xhtml
 	$(FORTUNES_TIDY) --show-warnings no -o $@ $< || true
 	for f in $(T2_DEST_HTMLS_FORTUNES) ; do \
-		$(FORTUNES_TIDY) -o "$$f".xhtml "$$f"; \
+		$(FORTUNES_TIDY) --show-warnings no -o "$$f".xhtml "$$f" || true; \
 		mv -f "$$f.xhtml" "$$f"; \
-	$(FORTUNES_TIDY) -o $@ $<
+	$(FORTUNES_TIDY) --show-warnings no -o $@ $< || true
 	bash $(T2_FORTUNES_DIR)/run-validator.bash $< && \
 	(cd $(patsubst %/slides/start.html,%,$@) && \
 		shspork -make && \
-		(cd slides/ && (for I in *.html ; do tidy -asxhtml -o "$$I".new "$$I" ; mv -f "$$I".new "$$I" ; perl -lpi -e 's/[\t ]+\z//' "$$I" ; done)) && \
+		(cd slides/ && (for I in *.html ; do tidyp -asxhtml -o "$$I".new "$$I" ; mv -f "$$I".new "$$I" ; perl -lpi -e 's/[\t ]+\z//' "$$I" ; done)) && \
 		(find template -name '*.js' -or -name '*.html' | xargs perl -lpi -e 's/[\t ]+\z//') \
 	cp -f common/favicon.png $(patsubst %/start.html,%,$@)/
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