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Added Mandriva to the list of favourite FOSS.

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 Linux is a UNIX clone for many platforms including regular PCs. It is fast,
-stable, powerful and very cool. 
+stable, powerful and very cool.
+<h3 id="mandriva"><a href="">Mandriva Linux</a></h3>
+Mandriva is my Linux distribution of choice. In the Linux world, distributions
+are a collection of the Linux kernel and user-land utilities and libraries
+in a nice packaging. Mandriva is an open-source distribution with good ties
+into the community. It is especially suitable for use on the desktop, but is
+also suitable for running Internet and Intranet servers.
+While not as hyped as other distributions are, Mandriva is very decent, and
+is suitable for both beginner and advanced users.
 <h3 id="user_mode_linux"><a href="">User-mode 
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