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+<h3 class="newsitem">22-Mar-2005</h3>
+<p class="newsitem">
+I added a <a href="links.html#pictures">section to my links collection with
+links to my favourite collections of pictures and wallpapers</a>. Otherwise,
+I now <a href="">cross-post my 
+weblog</a> in 
+<a href=""></a> and you can use
+its commenting system to post comments to its entries. 
+<p class="newsitem">
+<a href="">MikMod for Java has moved to a new 
+homepage</a> at Berlios where I hope other people would be able to 
+contribute more efficiently than before. 
+<a href="">The Gimp Automated Testing 
+Framework</a> is a new project of mine. Check it out if you're interested.
+<h3 class="newsitem">30-Oct-2004</h3>
+<p class="newsitem">
+Added the <a href="$(ROOT)/open-source/bits.html">Open-Source Bits and 
+Bobs page</a>. Added the 
+<a href="$(ROOT)/work/academic/Thermo/Material-Summary/">material summary
+for the Thermodynamics course I took in the Technion</a>.
 <h3 class="newsitem">30-Oct-2004</h3>
 <p class="newsitem">