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Updated the TODO.

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 * Add a nice news items summary news box at the top with the site news. 
   Also create an RSS feed for them.
-* Change the huge Software Patents button to the one at thewml.org
+* Add section-specific navigation menus.
+    - for example, in the Essays section, a navigation menu on the side
+    just for the essays.
 * Add more essays I wrote to the Essays Index.
-    - The Advogato Bazaar-style movies.
 * Add the Better SCM logo to the Computer Art section.
 * Link the Hebrew Errors Page to the main one.
-* Put the Thermo material online, and link to it.
 * Fix the fact that the prev/next/up buttons mozilla nav-bar links 
 (link rel=next) appear at each and every page including the first one
 and last one.
 * Add the puzzles I found in my drawer to the site.
-* Write my Wikipedia contributions into the "Contributions to FOSS project".
+* Add my Wikipedia contributions into the "Contributions to FOSS projects".