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[Larry Wall Facts] Convert to the tabs.

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 # t2 macros
-RSYNC = rsync --progress --verbose --rsh=ssh --exclude='*.d' --exclude='**/*.d'
+RSYNC = rsync --progress --verbose --rsh=ssh --exclude='*.d' --exclude='**/*.d' --exclude='**/.*.swp'

File t2/humour/bits/facts/Larry-Wall/index.html.wml

 <facts__lwall />
-<h2 id="facts">Larry Wall Facts</h2>
 Larry Wall can understand the Perl code he wrote last year.
 Larry Wall can make shit up, and the computer will understand what he means.
+Foo Bar.
+<h2 id="facts">Larry Wall Facts</h2>
+<facts__en_he_tabs id_base="larry_wall_facts" />
 <h2 id="license">Copyright and Licence</h2>