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Now building the Spark - Pre-Birth document from DocBook/XML.

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 common/style.css.ttml: lib/smoked-wp-theme.css.ttml
 	touch $@
+lib/docbook/xml/Spark-Pre-Birth-of-a-Modern-Lisp.xml: t2/open-source/projects/Spark/mission/Spark-Pre-Birth-of-a-Modern-Lisp.txt
+	asciidoc --backend=docbook -o $@ $<


         base => "perfect-it-workplace",
+        id => "Spark-Pre-Birth-of-a-Modern-Lisp", 
+        path => "open-source/projects/Spark/mission", 
+        base => "Spark-Pre-Birth-of-a-Modern-Lisp",
+    },
+    {
         id => "perfect-it-workplace-rev2", 
         path =>  "philosophy/computers/software-management/perfect-workplace/rev2",
         base => "perfect-it-workplace-rev2",
         base => "foss-licences-wars",
         work_in_progress => 1,
 sub process_simple_end_format
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