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Convert the predicate has_ls() to a boolean variable.


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 var toggle_sect_key = "shlomifish.org_section_navigation_menu_shown";
-function has_ls() {
-    return (typeof localStorage !== "undefined" && localStorage !== null);
+var has_ls = (typeof localStorage !== "undefined" && localStorage !== null);
 function toggle_sect_menu() {
     var elem = $("#toggle_sect_menu");
     if (elem.hasClass("off")) {
-        if (has_ls()) {
+        if (has_ls) {
             localStorage.setItem(toggle_sect_key, "1");
     else {
-        if (has_ls()) {
+        if (has_ls) {
 		unique: false
-    if (has_ls()) {
+    if (has_ls) {
         var in_storage = localStorage.getItem(toggle_sect_key);
         var in_elem = $("#toggle_sect_menu").hasClass("on");
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