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Final the third version of the Case for Drug Legalisation v3. Made it live.
Add humour-heb to T2_HUMOUR_DOCS_DEST
Add the networking tests to the HACKING.txt
[P4N5] Fix some typos thanks to the delivery of the talk today. Thanks to the people who attended my talk, noticed and noted the errors.
Fix more of the notes.
More corrections
Correct more problems
Add some corrections to the notes.
Add the HTML version of the Perl for Newbies Lecture 5 notes.
Add more
More notes
[P4N5] Repharsing.
[P4N5] Phrasing corrections.
Add more notes.
[P4N5-Heb-Notes] Add more notes
[P4N5] Phrasing correction.
[P4N5-Notes] local.
Missing capitalisation
Add more.
Add more.
Add the part about accessors.
[P4N5] Repharsed
[P4N5] Add missing comma.
[P4N5-Summary] Add trailing colons
Add more
Add more.
[P4N5] Rephrased.
[P4N] Add more to the Lecture 5 Hebrew notes
[P4N5] Correct more phrasing.
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