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 Here we can see the string interpolation of variables in action.
 +${....}+ interpolates a single variable, while +$()+ is an
 S-expression. Aside from that spark will also have sprintf,
-[sprintf with named
+[sprintf with named
 conversions similar to Python] and something as similar as possible to
 Perl’s Template Toolkit (while still being Sparky). I find Common
 Lisp’s +format+ to be hard to understand and much less flexible than
 Spark will have a similar namespace system to Perl 5, with nested namespaces,
 and the ability to selectively import symbols from namespaces at run-time.
-Similarly to and as opposed to
+Similarly to and as opposed to
 C++ where importing symbols from namespaces is an all-or-nothing operation,
 and so mostly unusable.
 into a new language. This language will also be Lisp and may be Spark-like
 but it won’t be Spark. Perl 5 which only has one major implementation
 (+perl5+ - currently at +perl-5.10.0+), recently span off
-[kurila] which is fork of perl 5 that is
+[kurila] which is fork of perl 5 that is
 incompatible with it and with Perl 5, on purpose. Nevertheless, while
 Kurila may be considered a a language in the Perl family, it is not Perl 5
 any more than Perl 4 , Perl 6 ,[Sleep] or whatever