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-<a href="">Download
+<a href="">Download
+<h2 id="vcs">Version Control Repository</h2>
+<a href="">The libtap
+Subversion repository</a>
 <h2 id="licence">Licence</h2>
 licence</a>, as copyright by Nik Clayton, 2004.
+<h2 id="news">News</h2>
+<h3 id="news_2010_08_16">16-August-2010</h3>
+libtap-1.03 was released. This release contains a NEWS file as well as some
+fixes from the CCAN (= Comprehensive C Archive Network) version of libtap.
+However, some of the changes in CCAN made the libtap API incompatible with
+that of the original libtap-1.01 so they were rejected.