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 industry. In October 97' I began studying Electrical Engineering in the 
 <a href="">Technion</a>.
 I enjoyed my studies as much as academic studies can be enjoyed.  
 I feel that I deepend my understanding of computers and electronics
 receive low grades and are frustrated. This is especially demotivating 
 considering the fact that studying there is <b>a lot of work</b>.
-I graduated from the Technion in July 2004. After over a year of job searching,
-I have eventually found a job. I am now working as a hired employee for 
-<a href="">Perl Technology Israel</a> - a 
-small Consulting firm, as a Perl/WWW/SQL programmer. The job is interesting,
-the pay's good, and I'm becoming familiar with more programming
-technologies and techniques.
+I graduated from the Technion in July 2004. I've been searching for a job
+since, and despite the fact that there's a shortage in Israel for programmers
+like me who are well-versed in <a href="">Open Source
+technologies</a> such as <a href="">Perl</a> and 
+<a href="">Linux</a>, I had a lot of difficulty finding
+a job. As I contemplated 
+<a href="">this 
+is due to the employers becoming more picky</a>. Nevertheless, I was able to
+find a good job and am working now. I have some aspirations of becoming a
+freelancer (like some people I know), but that may be somewhat premature for
+me. I'll see.
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