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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Now the section menu toggle button works again.
Start integrating the jquery.treeview plugin for the section nav-menus.
Change the style.
Customised the style of the screenplays better.
[Create a Great Homesite] Added the cat walk image for atomsphere.
Styled the Breadcrumbs' trail in the new style better.
Avoid the section menu hiding part of the disqus thread.
Converted the section_menu control to a button.
Got rid of the margin-top: 0; and margin-bottom: 0;.
Improve the CSS of the articles based on David Laasko's input.
Add a skip to the main content link.
Styled the art/slogans blockquote better.
Tweaked the style.
Add the slogans index.html.wml with one slogan for the time being.
Fix the style of the .main li - have a spacing at the top.
Add the side-box with my photo and some introduction to me.
Made the fonts of the section navigation menus' larger.
Added spacing for the <li>'s.
Extracted a common-style.css.ttml from the two stylesheets.