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Shlomi Fish
Add more <latemp_meta_desc />s.
Shlomi Fish
Convert to the new Camila sponsored ads.
Shlomi Fish
Add and extract the x11_licence tag.
Shlomi Fish
Conver to lib/cpan_dists.wml.
Shlomi Fish
Update links from to
Shlomi Fish
Remove most trailing space from the t2 directory.
Convert away from the URLs.
Convert more ASCII single/double quotes to Unicode
Add the new Camila Ron ads.
Add the info for the format of the Black Hole solver database.
Add the news for the Black Hole Solitaire solver.
Update the Black Hole Solitaire page.
Add the solving data for the first 1 million deals.
Correct a typo on the Black Hole Solver page (not "File-Dir-Dumper").
Add the Freshmeat link.
Added the "Black Hole" solitaire solver.