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Shlomi Fish
More <latemp_meta_desc />s.
Shlomi Fish
Add Qt Creator.
Shlomi Fish
Spell checked the resources.
Shlomi Fish
Updated and revised the entry for TextMate. It is now open-source.
Shlomi Fish
Remove most trailing space from the t2 directory.
Shlomi Fish
Correct to commonwealth spelling
Add Leo to the editors and IDE page.
Add IntelliJ IDEA.
Add Sublime Text.
Add trailing periods.
Fixed some grammar.
Add Komodo Edit and Komodo IDE to the editors-and-IDEs page.
Capitalised "Gtk+".
Convert more ASCII single/double quotes to Unicode
Now hiding the page Table-of-Contents. Abstracted it behind <div class="page_toc"> in lib/toc_div.wml and <toc_div />. The tag there accepts several options, like language and tag.
Add CC-by licensing to the software resources.
Add the "IDEs for Linux" page.
Add Coda.
Add Bluefish.
Add Code::Blocks
Add some non-FOSS IDEs.
Add the non-FOSS editors.
Add a link.
[Editors-and-IDEs] Add Notepad++.
Editors and IDEs - add Lazarus.
[Editors and IDEs Page] Add NetBeans and KDevelop .
Add Kate to the editors and IDEs list.
Started adding the open-source IDEs.
Add the link to
Started writing the editors and IDEs page.