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Placed the HTMLised version of HHGG/ST-STNG on the site.
Got the HHGG/Star-Trek screenplay to compile. This involved many changes in bin/processors/convert-* and to a lesser extent in the original itself.
Started FOSS and Other Beasts version 3. Converted to DocBook 5 and started integrating the corrections by RMS and others.
Made more progress with Hitchhiker's Guide / ST-TNG. Still not enough. The build is still OK.
HHFG-version-1: add the new images. These are the images from the GIMP script here: .
Now building the DocBook 5 individual XHTMLs.
Forked the Human Hacking Field Guide into rev2. As DocBook 5.
Add The-Enemy-Hebrew-rev6. This is the sixth revision of "The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it" in Hebrew.
Add the revision 2 of the FOSS licences wars.
Add the 6th revision.
Changed the path of the XSL stylesheets.
Fixed a bug in the makefile. It was .html.wml instead of .html.
Got rid of generating the sitemap.
Fix the last commit.
Convert the CSS generation to the script.
Add a temporary version.
Fixed the dependency of The Pope hebrew text.
More dependencies
Add dependencies
Sanitised the deps in the makefile.
Updated the dependencies to make them saner. The humour recommendation is now built correctly.
Now building the fortunes' file upon a change in version.
Updated the categories docs lists
Updated the categories docs lists
Separated the fortunes files into their own makefiles. This way we don't need to run ./ every time we add a new fortune archive.
Add the dependency to the makefile.
Convert case-for-drug-legalisation into DocBook 5 and rev2.
Added the subversion-for-pythoneeers Spork presentation.
Add the Vim-beginnners Spork presentation .
Add the Too-Many-Way spork presentation.
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