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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Moved t2/humour.html and t2/humou-heb.html into a common base.
More Unicode punctuation.
Fix punctuation.
Styled better.
Change the subject to something more meaningful.
Finish converting to <quote> and <comment>.
Start converting t2/humour.html to <quote> and <comment>.
Add more.
Add the "wasting time" aphorism.
Change "don't" and doesn't" to their unicode equivalents.
Convert "it's" to Unicode stuff in all the .wml pages.
Add the E-mail / web-feeds jokes.
Now hiding the page Table-of-Contents.
Add the Soviet Russia cats joke.
Finish adding the fortunes from the aphorisms collection.
Improved the "Hacker sees bug" quote.
Made the humour collection under CC-by-sa.
Convert to Unicode ellipses.
Add the Language switcher to the humour page.
Correct more "Edsgar"s to "Edsger"s (Dijkstra).
Add more.
Add a new quote to the humour page.
Add another aphorism (The English spelling one) to the Aphorisms page.
Removed some trailing space.
Fixed some problems in the Humour collection.
Corrected a typo - "Includipedia".
Added the Chuck Norris joke about wikipedia.
Added the Technion Ways aphorism.
Added another aphorism
Added Chuck Norris and the wikipedia.
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