shlomi-fish-homepage / t2 / humour / fortunes / ver.txt

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Add another fortune.
Add the "die" fortune cookie.
Correct a grammar problem.
Convert away from the URLs. will be discontinued, and this patch updates the URLs to the new ones.
Correct a title.
Add the I'm hungry today fortune cookie.
Add Interesting vs. Successful to the fortunes.
Added a fortune
Add the UDP joke.
Add the Paid CPAN fortune.
Add the calculator fortune.
Add the "One Napoleon" quote.
Add the semicolons conversation.
Add the "Yo Dawg" fortune cookie.
More Unicode puncutation
Add the "wasting time" fortune to the fortune cookies.
Add E-mail, web feeds and stuff.
Add the Greg-in-a-Veterans-club fortune cookie.
Add the Cat violence and Astrology fortune cookie.
[Fortunes] Add the Russian cuisine fortune. And r4500! .
Correct a typo.
Add more.
Add the "Moose and Roles" section.
Add a new XSLT factoid.
Add the "How Many Wikipedia Editors" fortune.
[Fortunes] Bump the fortunes' version number.
Add the new your-programming-language-must-suck quote.
[Fortunes] Unicode punctuation
Finish adding the fortunes from the aphorisms collection.
Add more fortune cookies.
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