shlomi-fish-homepage / t2 / humour / fortunes / ver.txt

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Add the English spelling.
Create a new fortune version for the XML-Grammar-Fortune corrections.
Separated the fortunes files into their own makefiles. This way we don't need to run ./ every time we add a new fortune archive.
Fixed a typo in a fortune (double "is") courtesy of an E-mail correspondent.
Add the "use Zaba" fortune.
Anonimised an IRC handle in a fortune.
Add a Joel fortune.
Bumped the version of the fortunes.
Add the ApeironPhone fortune.
Add the 99% fortune.
Add the Slashdot "Internet Explorer is perfectly safe" fortune.
Add another fortune.
Add the "Three levels of learning" fortune.
Add another fortune - tail for the lions.
Add another fortune.
Add another fortune - from ##programming.
[Fortunes] Add the kit fortune with ruby_on_tails.
Add another fortune.
Add another fortune.
Add a fortune.
[Fortunes] JoS - converted to a more semantic markup.
Add the Shachar Shemesh quote about Eclipse as Emacs.
Add another fortune.
Fixed some typos in the fortunes.
Add the "Barry Jones" fortune.
Added a fortune.
Add attribution to a fortune.
Add a fortune.
Added a fortune.
Add another svn fortune.
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