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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Shlomi Fish
Add missing comma.
Shlomi Fish
Spell checked the meta section.
Shlomi Fish
Update links from to
Shlomi Fish
Remove most trailing space from the t2 directory.
Shlomi Fish
Add a comma.
Shlomi Fish
Add "Programming Languages".
Minor corrections.
Add "is it your real name" to the FAQ.
Correct "Approximated" to Approximate.
Convert away from the URLs.
Add details of the new machine.
Change "don't" and doesn't" to their unicode equivalents.
Convert "it's" to Unicode stuff in all the .wml pages.
Now hiding the page Table-of-Contents.
Add the question about EvilPHish.
Enhance the "What can you say about your name?".
Add to the META.
Add the new FAQ about how to become FOSS hacker
Add the extra hardware.
Revised the reply-to-list.
Correct a missing end-tag in meta/FAQ/ - now the page validates.
Corrected some typos in the FAQ.
Added a question about my machine's SPECs.
[FAQ] some updates and typo corrections.
Fixed a typo in a variable - $(ROOT) instead of $(ROOt).
Converted "Web Meta Langauge" to "Website Meta Language".
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