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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Shlomi Fish
Fix a word and some capitalisation. Thanks to subanark.
Shlomi Fish
Add the text of "Selena Meets Mephiqoleth". To selena Mandrake the Slayer.
Shlomi Fish
Add the Birthday party scene.
Shlomi Fish
Correct more misspellings.
Shlomi Fish
Get rid of a lot of trailing space.
More unicode
More Unicode quotes conversions.
[Selena Mandrake | ST-WTLD] More initial letters capitalisation.
Add more.
[Selena Mandrake] Capitalisation.
Add the Scene with Alan and John.
Add a missing comma.
Removed blonde in the description as it is not needed.
Add Selena Mandrake the Slayer.
[Selena-Mandrake] Start writing the scene with Selena's date.
Some corrections.
Regularised the capitalisation.
[Selena Mandrake] add more.
Add more.
Add more.
[Selena Mandrake] Add more text.
Add more.
Add another scene.
Changed to "Selena Mandrake - *The* Slayer.".