shlomi-fish-homepage / Makefile

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Convert case-for-drug-legalisation into DocBook 5 and rev2.
Added the subversion-for-pythoneeers Spork presentation.
Add the Vim-beginnners Spork presentation .
Add the Too-Many-Way spork presentation.
Add the Test-Run spork presentation.
Add the "Optimising Multi-Tasking in PDL" lecture.
Add the sources of the Graham-Function presentation to the build system.
Add the Lambda-Calculus lecture's sources to the subvresion.
Fixed a wrong word in "Introductory Language".
Now copying the Fiction-Text source files to the site.
Converted "The Pope Died on Sunday" to Fiction-Text.
[Create a Great Homesite] Added the cat walk image for atomsphere.
Extracted lib/stories/stories-list.wml with its own tag - in two places.
Add an implicit dependency on perfect-IT workplace.
Add a dependency to the dealing with hypomania article.
Sorted the deps.
[Build system] add the interviews to the dependencies.
[Build system] Add the explicit dependencies for some of the screenplays.
Keeping the Screenplay texts.
Now keeping the screenplay intermdiate files built.
[Pope] added a dependency to the makefile to auto-build.
Added "The-Pope-Died-on-Sunday-Hebrew thing.".
Converted the perfect-it-workplace-rev2 to DocBook 5.
[Slogans Art] Add the "WDYM" slogan art (not complete).
Small optimisation to the makefile - calculate a variable only once.
Add the American Lottery design to the front page.
Add the "C++ supports OOP" design.
Refactored the makefile and added support for pngcrush.
Added the chromatic'd piece to the slogans.
Add another slogan.
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