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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Shlomi Fish
Add meta_desc and keywords.
Shlomi Fish
Convert to the new Camila sponsored ads.
Shlomi Fish
Spell checked the anti-pages.
Shlomi Fish
Spell checked the old news page.
Shlomi Fish
Spell checked Perl-for-Newbies.
Shlomi Fish
Spell checked teh GIMP slides.
Shlomi Fish
Remove most trailing space from the t2 directory.
Add the "DO NOT SPELL GOOGLE WRONG" to the anti-IE page.
Add a joke to the anti-MSIE page.
Convert more ASCII single/double quotes to Unicode
Change "don't" and doesn't" to their unicode equivalents.
Got many more XHTML markups to validate.
Correct "besides" and "regards" where not appropriate.
New links from the bookmarks.
Add the anti-MSIE link about the zero day.
Add more links
Add more links
Add more links to the pages against bad software.
Add more links to the anti-pages.
Add another link.
Add the South Korea H Open Link on No-IE.
Add more links to no-ie.
Add the Camila Ron sponsored ads.
Add more links.
Add the IE9 won't support XP thing.
Revamped the browser's list.
Add the link to the bizarre anti-MSIE6 jQuery plugins.
Fix validation problems.
Add more links to anti-Apple / anti-MSIE.
Add more links.
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