shlomi-fish-homepage / t2 / humour / fortunes / ver.txt

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Bump the version number.
Correct a trailing artefact. Had a "Freenode's" at the end.
Add the "real programmers" vanguard quote.
Bump the fortunes' version number.
Add more.
Add the fortune about Chuck Norris.
Add the #ruby-lang / #ruby thing.
Add a new fortune cookie - XML and Popcorn.
Add the fortune about digits-in-variable-names.
Add another fortune - "Reality TV patents".
Add the fortune with the Kernel compilation.
Add the overlords fortune.
Add the VXZ fortune.
Add the fortune about the Hebrew date notation.
Add the #perl Spartacus fortune.
Add the COBOL and array slices fortune.
Add the new Chuck fact to the fortunes
Add the Joel fortune
Add the Paint of the Bike Shed fortune.
Fortunes reformatted by the svn XML-Grammar-Fortune. That was in order to get rid of the spaces in the <work>/etc. tags.
Add the szabgab "I don't know Perl" fortune.
Correct a typo.
Fixed a typo in friends.xml and rebuilt for the <inlinedesc> to take effect.
Add a sanity check for not overwriting the fortunes archive. Now the version of the fortunes must be bumped explicitly before running ./bin/ again.
Fixed the tagline on two fortunes.
Add the Eclipsed fortune.
Add some new fortunes.
Add the Flock fortune.
Add "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
Add the "What would your nick imply" fortune.
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